Frequently asked questions


About The Daily Price

This solution is intended for hoteliers and more generally for those responsible for tourist accommodation.

The Daily Price is a competitive intelligence software that tells you about the rates and services offered by your competitors. Thanks to its automated dashboards, you benefit from a daily custom rate comparison that allows you to position your own rates.

The Daily Price is the only solution available directly online. The 7-day trial is completely free and requires no means of payment. You are completely free to subscribe or suspend your subscription at any time. In addition, some of its features such as the tolerated price gap are completely innovative. 

The dashboards are very simple and comprehensive at the same time, making it possible to tame the solution and analyze the data extremely quickly.

Finally, our team is at your side if you wish to configure your interface, but also to accompany you on the choices of the competitors and the strategies to put in place to propose the best price.

You can set up your hotel right after you have validated your registration via the link received on your mailbox. To do so, simply click on the ‘+’ to add a hotel, and fill in the fields: name of the hotel, address, information requested about online travel agencies and then click on the “Create” button.  You then add your competitors by indicating their name and information about online agencies.

The creation will take you only about ten minutes maximum, and your dashboard will be available in the hour that follows.

Not at all! The solution was created to be accessible to anyone who wants to know the competitive environment of the hotel or tourist accommodation they are responsible for.

Absolutely not! The Daily Price is an internet-based software. You can use it anywhere, anytime. All you need to do is log in to your account from any computer.

The solution makes it possible to compare the rates charged by hotels, tourist residences, guest rooms, campsites, youth hostels. The prerequisite is the marketing of these establishments and their competitors online, on booking platforms.

The solution compares the best daily rates per night: call rates. Because they are the ones who determine 90% of the customers’ choice, their value requires special monitoring. These rates are those offered by online booking sites (OTA). The solution offers a price comparison per agency online.

About the subscription

You can subscribe at any time after the free trial period. To do this, you choose the subscription that suits you in the HOTEL tab or in the SUBSCRIPTION tab. It is possible to subscribe to different subscriptions depending on the hotels if you have several. You get a 5% discount on your overall subscription for 2 to 4 hotels, and a 10% discount on 5 hotels and more.

The MUST, PREMIUM and YIELD packages are invoiced monthly. The billing period begins on the day the customer activates their payment method on the dedicated space. The customer is invoiced on that day for the first contract period and will be invoiced again 30 calendar days for the next contract period. Cancellation of the chosen subscription can be done directly via the Daily Price application in the ACCOUNT tab.

Your first and subsequent bills are available on your The Daily Price account in the BILLING tab in a downloadable format. You must be logged into your account to access it.

In order for all the information relating to your company to appear on the invoice it is necessary to complete them in the ACCOUNT tab.

A 100% free trial period begins on the day of registration. This period lasts 7 days, and you have the possibility to configure a hotel and its competitors on the basis of the services provided on the basic package, namely 5 competitors and visibility on the rates of the next 30 days.  No means of payment from you will be required, and at the end of the trial period nothing will be taken from you. To subscribe and continue to use the solution you will be asked to indicate a payment method.

Cancellation of your subscription must be done via one of the following methods:

Via the “ACCOUNT” tab of your The Daily Price account
Via a cancellation request sent by email to our support at:

If a customer does not notify The Daily Price via any of the above methods to cancellate their monthly The Daily Price subscription with 48 hours notice before the end of the current contract period, the subscription will be automatically renewed for a new period of one month.

Absolutely. You get a 5% discount on your subscription for 2 to 4 hotels, and a 10% discount on 5 hotels and more. We invite you to contact us at if you would like to register more than 10 hotels.

Our team is committed to answering all your questions regarding the use of the solution as soon as possible. We invite you to contact us at for any requests.