About us

The Daily Price is a French start-up born from the creativity of two people passionated about their respective jobs: revenue management for Gaëlle and development and IT innovation for Julien.

Being confused by the lack of a computer tool to raise the prices of its competitors as part of its business revenue manager, Gaëlle dreamed of building a price record ready to be analyzed when arriving at work. We then focused on an efficient technical solution, to create what would become an innovation in the tourism sector, The Daily Price

Launched in 2019 in order to help the hotel sector visualize and exploit data normally very tedious to recover, The Daily Price wants to be THE French solution for professional competitive intelligence.


We are better able to understand business issues for having evolved in the tourism sector for over 15 years in different trades.


We make every effort to respond as quickly as possible to all your questions and requests for help.


Our premises are located in the Sophia-Antipolis park, the first European technology park.


More than tourism professionals, we are frequent travelers. Each of us walks the planet regularly and supports fair tourism.


The passion of work animates this team which takes a daily pleasure to develop, to animate, to share, to answer, to read you, to write.


The solution will evolve with you! We are creators whose goal is to make the lives of hoteliers always more pleasant.


Gaëlle Gorgori

Co-Founder & CEO
15 years of professional experience in the tourism sector as revenue manager for hotel chains and tour operators, and commercial for a tourist guide.

Julien Rouvier

Co-Founder & CTO
Over 20 years of professional experience as a developer and system and cloud architect, in the fields of e-commerce, online auctions, transport and travel.