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The price and commercial competitive intelligence solution
for hoteliers and managers of tourist accommodation.

Your automated competitive intelligence

A solution that offers a daily dashboard. Simple, efficient and innovative.



A single dashboard designed to provide you the maximum amount of information while remaining easy to read.



The Daily Price solution allows you to compare the prices of your competitors with yours quickly and every day.



You can decide on tolerated price differentials between your competitors and yourself for a quick and efficient analysis.

How it works?

A solution accessible online in a few minutes. Explanation in 3 steps

I register my hotel

I provide the name of my hotel, its postal address as well as its link to the online agency. I confirm.

I add my competitors

I provide the name and link to the online agency of 5 of my competitors. I set the tolerated price differences.

I’m analyzing my market

My dashboard is ready and automated!
I can start analyzing the data provided.

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Automated dashboard

Your data is updated daily to leave only the analysis to do.


High-quality data

Accurate and reliable information, controlled via an automatic check and formatted for you.



Detect your competitors' price movements from the day before, directly on your dashboard.


Free trial

You have a 7-day trial period, directly accessible online. No credit card needed.

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Our avantages



An ergonomic, convenient, and easy-to-use online solution.


Customer support

A team that listens to you for all your requests and advice.


Free subscription

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About us

Learn more about the company and our team

The Daily Price is a French start-up born from the creativity of two people passionated about their respective jobs: revenue management for Gaëlle and development and IT innovation for Julien.

Being confused by the lack of a computer tool to raise the prices of its competitors, they dreamed of building a price record ready to be analyzed when arriving at work. They then focused on an efficient technical solution, to create what would become an innovation in the tourism sector, The Daily Price.

Launched in 2019 in order to help the hotel sector visualize and exploit data normally very tedious to recover, The Daily Price wants to be THE French solution for professional competitive intelligence.

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