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The price and commercial competitive intelligence solution
for hoteliers and managers of tourist accommodation.

Your automated competitive intelligence

A solution that offers a daily dashboard. Simple, efficient and innovative.



A dashboard designed for a simple, fast and comprehensive reading of your competitors' prices and services.



Immediately identify pricing opportunities with the alert modules created for you.


A solution that meets your specific needs for a personalized analysis of your compset.

How it works ?

A solution accessible online in a few minutes. Explanation in 3 steps


I register my hotel

I create my account, then I enter directly the name of my hotel, its mailing address and its link on the online agency. I validate.


I add my competitors

I provide the name and link to the online agency of 5 of my competitors. I set the tolerated price differences.


I’m analyzing my market

My dashboard is ready and automated! I can start analyzing the data provided.

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Card subscription

A dynamic subscription that meets your specific needs. An ideal and very economical formula.

Tailor-made advices

A team specialized in revenue management to provide you with informed advice.

High-quality data

Accurate and reliable information, controlled via an automatic check and formatted for you.

Free trial

You have a 7-day trial period, directly accessible online. No credit card needed.